Long Distance Travel

Our services are available Nationwide and Europe for longer distances, and often at a cost saving compared to premium air and rail tickets.

Why not ask for a quote and see how we compare – we can often provide a point to point service at less cost than taking the train or plane. With today’s extended check-in times & flight and train schedules that often force you to arrive hours earlier than necessary, our services are a real alternative in terms of convenience too.

Our services are all pre-bookable online in advance, backed up with a 24 hour control centre. Our clients range from groups of holidaymakers to lone business travellers and major multinational corporations. Our chauffeurs are fully licensed and registered under correct insurance requirements, giving you the protection and assurance of a safe journey. They are always friendly, flexible and polite. 

Our service is prompt and our rates are competitive. With all of the above, our courteous drivers and an immaculate fleet of cars, our service is unparalleled.

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